About this site

Steve with Fathers of Confederation


Next time I'll rent a tuxedo.* Welcome to this online portfolio of my past (present and future) projects. Feel free to ask me about what's happening if anything you see here is of interest.

It should be noted that this site will consist mostly of past work. Consider this website that student portfolio nestled in the corner behind the filing cabinet of cyberspace. If I'm not updating from time to time, its simply because there's nothing new to throw in this portfolio. This site will branch off into separate sites revolving around current projects, although I may throw in the occasional surprise :-)

While most of this site's contents are media-related, I keep these projects in development by contracting my services in the corporate sector. These clients keep my film and animation projects alive and kicking without government arts subsidy.

Faith is a wonderful thing.

Apart from the media sections, I really hope you enjoy the artwork that I've placed throughout the site. It's rare when I actually have the time to display my drawings and paintings.

Also, in lieu of posting exacting detail of my film projects across the Internet, I've carefully selected concept art which reveals, yet conceals, just enough visual information on current projects. Together, with older, web-safe images from past work, I hope you are provided with an intriguing overview of what's coming up. Check back to the "Film" and "Animation" sections for the new material. I will try to keep the entire site contents as lively and current as possible.

If you are having problems with this site, be sure to check out the help page.