A Christmas Story

At left are some frames from A Christmas Story (1987), an animated short for seasonal cable television rotation. The story is basically a "what if" spin on the traditional Christmas tale. I wrote the story and created the animation. Paul Power wrote the script and post-produced the audio. The artwork was created with inked and painted acetate, positioned on watercolour and arcyrlic backgrounds. Optical enhancements were added in post-production.

Winner: 1987 National Award for Excellence in Entertainment. The Canadian Cable Television Association.

Electric Avenues

I also directed and produced Program Intros. The images at left are from "Electric Avenues", a weekly video program. This piece involved a great deal of in-camera superimposing, video within video and colourizing. I also edited the intro.

View it 0:28/2.27MB).
Original format: 3/4" NTSC U-Matic

Aztec 10
I also painted a number of Station IDs - the graphics that stay on through the night after the day's broadcast. The Station IDs above and on the lower left were rendered in arcrylic paint on masonite. The image on the lower right is from a children's program. I painted the oversized backdrops using a base of latex house paint, due to their large coverage area.
Canyon 10 Puppet backdrop