Social Subjects

I worked with video for the two short-subjects below, as the newsgathering quality of video adds a sense of immediacy to the content.

Streetwise (1989) is the story of a young boy (Jeremy Wallace) who seeks refuge after an unprovoked beating from other street kids. In the quiet of his bedroom he constructs a model airplane, trying to understand the sense of the attack. Ultimately, he wonders if the streetgang ever considered giving up violence as much as he imagines revenge against them.

I wrote, produced and directed Streetwise, which was partially funded with a grant from the Centre for Art Tapes in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was then selected by AI Media, Halifax, for distribution to public schools and other educational institutions in Canada.

View it (08:21/60MB).
original format: NTSC 3/4" U-Matic, 8:21 minutes

If you have trouble reading the opening title cards and credits due to video compression, a text version is available here.

video artwork
Life After Diagnosis (1990) was directed by Glenn Walton and was produced for the Nova Scotia Persons with AIDS Coalition. It is a document of the experiences and issues surrounding being diagnosed HIV positive. I was the director of photography for the video testimonials of the numerous persons living with AIDS ("PLWA").
six speakers

This project was especially challenging, as the wellness of one PLWA was at a critical level. As each person had a very unique story to tell, but were speaking "head and shoulders" to the camera, I wanted to individualize each person's situation. While changing locations helped, I decided to provide each interview with a unique and appropriate lighting scheme. This helped to further personalize individuals speaking as a "PLWA" and caught in the centre of a growing health crisis.

I also created the titles and and artwork for Life After Diagnosis. The high-contrast ink portraits seen on the video packaging (above) were rendered on foamcore, and actually measured four feet square for presentation purposes.

View it (01:00/3.48MB)

Original format: NTSC Betacam SP, 28:00 minutes