The O'Keefe Clan
Coat O'Keefe   

 O'Keeffe, O'Keefe, Keefe, Keif

The O'Keefe's are are part of a medium sized Irish clan known as the O'Keeffes or O Caoimh in the Irish language.  The name translates as "descendant of Coamh" or "descendant of the beautiful/gentle/noble."  In the early 10th century, Ireland was divided into five separate kingdoms and Fionghuine, the Prince of Fermoy and the King of Munster, ruled over southwestern Ireland.  In 902 A.C.E., his son Art Caoimh was slain and the name has been carried by his descendants ever since.  In the 12th century, the O'Keeffes' traditional enemy, the Macarthy Mor, allied themselves with the Anglo-Norman invaders and pushed the O'Keeffes West from Fermoy into Duhallow.  The Clan O'Keeffe has remained in the area ever since.  However, many of the leaders of the clan were killed or driven into exile between the Elizabethan Era and O'Connell Reforms.