Project 1

Some conceptual art for Project 1.
satellite concept art
Project 1 is a live action feature with a backdrop of electronic communications and someone, a very nasty someone, using these resources to monitor and stalk our protagonist. That's the surface story.

This project's subtext do you say it without sending you off to your next web site....death and mortality. Yes, there is a happy ending...perhaps better described as bittersweet.

This project involves a great deal of visual displays and some essential visual/CGI effects. I'm happy to say these are mostly finished. They have to be, since the performers will be reacting to them.

This film falls into the "techno thriller" slot but, feel comforted, I've seen the crappy "net" thrillers so far. This project is another approach to, rather through, the web thriller.

If production ever gets rolling again, I think you'll be interested in the results ;-)

computer terminal concept art
overcast balcony concept art
fallen protagonist concept art

script complete