Project 2

This is a feature-length police drama. The project is a character study of a police officer attempting to cope with the end of a career, not an action-oriented crime fiction story. Producing both the animatics and the thumbnails for the entire film, a test edit of Project 2 was completed in March, 1999.

I was attempting to understand what would make a person devote their career to obeying and enforcing rules of conduct, believing implicitly in government and country, and how the motive of one's life could be provided by an establishment. The film is also a retrospective of a troubled soul that crutched on the ritual and professional family of a policing career as ultimately from himself. This type of material has been covered before, but the structure, expression and plotting of Project 2 is gripping.

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View it (0:22,10.5MB) original format: CGI
What you see at above is the use of computer assistance in the project. The shot below is a precisely-timed dolly move. The impact of this shot comes from which actors are in and out of frame during specific points of dialogue, and the subjective P.O.V. of the camera's dolly. The software has allowed me to choose the lens, camera position, dolly-track length, dolly and focus marks and the perfomers' required marks in advance. Obviously, this long, thirty-second take would otherwise eat up an entire day of on-set choreography, and risk draining the performances. Instead of trying over and over to get the shot to the storyboarded style, the specifications are now only my problem, and allow creative freedom to the crew and cast.

storyboards (0:20,2.53MB) original format: sketchbook