Opening titles:

The last thing I remember was one of them asking me where it hurt the most. I told him where it hurt, he kicked me there again and they left. My first beating from the local streetgang was over. It was six against one. I was twelve years old.

In the backyard scene at night, the boy is reading an astronomy book, and is searching for the constellation Hercules in the night sky.

End credits:

Written, produced and directed by: Stephen O'Keefe.
Featured: Jeremy Wallace
Narrator: Jeffrey Helgason
Camera, sound design, editing and opticals: Stephen O'Keefe
First camera assistant: Micheal Weir
Grips: Melissa Atkinson, Ken Mayfield, Ann Verrall
Special thanks to: Beth Cummings, Andy Dowden, Kathy MacGilvary, Fred McFadzen, Roy Newcombe, Kathleen Tetlock, Carolyn and Peter Wallace
Partially funded with the participation of: The Centre for Art Tapes
© 1998 Stephen O'Keefe

Streetwise and screenplay extract © 1998 Stephen O'Keefe. All rights reserved.