I got the government which you deserved

Governments legalize the most venomous and inhuman weapons of mass destruction for their own discretionary use. To remain more terrorist than the terrorists demands the spectre of the enemy. The public is conditioned that government is never the threat.

Included in the weapons cache are government-hired domestic and international terrorism specialists known as counterintelligence, black operations, mercenaries, secret branch police and torturers.

To torture, abuse and experiment on helpless persons for years, they must first be depicted as a threat, menace or a monster. Who gets depicted as a monster is as strategic as the government aiming a weapon.

If you picture a torture victim in a cement isolation cell, with many hands of torment abusing them, you do not call the victim a conspiracy theorist, or say they have delusions of persecution. If you can torture hands-free and no-touch, hidden in plain sight, then the torture victim can be blamed as suffering from delusions.

This is what has happened to me. This is why Canada's method of torture is so much more sadistic through its near-invisible veneer.

One knows when they have been targeted for this type of discrediting when persons begin asking if, or suggesting you have, a mental illness. Generally, people can detect when someone is mentally unstable, and keep quiet about it to the person out of respect. When all kinds of persons start asking you if you've been diagnosed as mentally ill, you've probably been targeted.

Psychiatry is of little assistance, beyond prescription medication and therapy. If psychiatry acknowledged government's historic use of it for discrediting purposes, it could make the bottom fall out of psychiatry. As antipsychotics and mood stalbilizers replaced Freudian psychoanalysis, exposing government use of non-invasive mental harassment could replace the need for so much psychiatric pharmacology.

Critics of a state violence, warfare, torture and terrorism are targeted, because the honest critic paves the road to accountability. Government reserves its own discretion as to what it is and is not accountable for. For instance, it reserves the right to invade the life of the public without accountability, whereas the public cannot invade the operations of government.

Torturers see their victims as authors of their own demise and, if no marks are left, there is no accountability for the government's torturers. While most states torture (human experimentation), it has evolved to the point of near-transparency with the evolution of wireless surveillance technology.

Canada tortures this way via counterintelligence; turning a community or entire society against a person until they are living as a prisoner in public, devoid of trust or friendship. Smearing persons as insane, fascist, a molester, terrorist or a harasser is very effective, but the craft of deception is making it seem as if the target was the problem all along.

— Joe is a peaceful black activist. State counterintelligence profiles Joe and pays a gang of informant skinheads to beat him up. Joe goes anonymously Online to posts anti-white sentiment, is placed under further surveillance until fully radicalized and absorbed into his profiling.

— Mary criticizes Israel's colonization of Palestine. State counterintelligence profiles her to spread rumours that she blames all the world's problems on jews. Mary loses her career over this, hates jews for ruining her life and is absorbed into her profiling.

— Muhammad preaches Western tolerance at a mosque. State counterintelligence profiles him as having secret terrorist intent and reports it to national intelligence. Muhammad is abducted, brought to a black site, tortured until he hates his Western captors, and is absorbed into his profiling.

No one believes what really happened to Joe, Mary or Muhammad, and anti-hate laws keep them constantly monitored, controlled and primed as entrapment targets.

Special branch (secret) police are specifically trained to deceive and lure others into abusing or violating a target and, when a person realizes they have been used, they are shamed into a code of guilty silence by the police. This is a time-proven method of government regimes to corrupt (aka 'own') as much of the public as possible.

Persons think that if the secret police are covertly watching someone, its because they have done something illegal. This is most always not the case, since the issue is that the target HAS NOT done anything illegal, and they must be radicalized/criminalized for elimination.

Anti-Semitism is the lie that jews do no wrong

Intelligence, police and informants do this because THEY CAN. They stalk because THEY CAN, they manipulate people because THEY CAN and they bully, harass and entrap because THEY CAN. Predators earmark their targets and do to them what THEY CAN.

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