I worked with KPMG Canada as a contractor since August of 1994, when it was assigned as liquidator of Confederation Life Insurance Company by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.

I single-handedly supervised and executed many high-profile and critical assignments, from relational databases to corporate publications to data archiving to document digitizing to web sites.  For the Confed file, the largest liquidation in Canadian history, my databases managed everything from the extraordinarily complex 13-year claims process to producing the cheques themselves.  I did the same for KPMG’s liquidation of the Canadian branch of Reliance Insurance in 2002.  There was probably no one else around who could customize a relational database to a legally-tiered massive corporate liquidation.

Then in 2005 came a KPMG file called Portus.  It was a hedge fund collapse, the co-founder fled to Israel to be legally represented by a future Attorney General of Israel, and the criminal aspects were under the oversight of the OSC and RCMP.

My KPMG contractor kept promising me that I would start on the Portus file but, after month after month of delay, nothing happened and I started going broke.  After I asked a friend for a loan to hold me over, the file suddenly opened-up and I was on board.  It turned out my friend had been made a CSIS/RCMP informant, and this was their challenge as to whether I had any money left, and if I would try to to cheat or otherwise screw my contractor over for some extra money.

I requested KPMG provide me a list of what they had for me to work with, as they wanted a flat-rate bid for my start-up work.  After signing on, the list of available assets KPMG gave me was highly inaccurate, and I made nothing for a year...just getting more and more in debt.

I began noticing trust tests at work, as if staff were performing for surveillance wires.  One worker would gasp aloud and show me a photo of a multicultural classroom from a newspaper.  Another worker would ask if I grew up with jews.  Other workers would start slamming my primary contractor, who was Jewish — and KPMG itself — to see if I would join in their 'secret' bashings. I didn't. But I was and am a harsh critic of Zionism, so I quickly knew why I was under surveillance at work. With the RCMP’s involvement on the Israeli-connected Portus file, it was them in the shadows turning my professional existence into a 'virtual reality', likely in association with CSIS.

Then there was a newly-hired admin assistant, who claimed she used to work ‘for the police’.  Trained as a confidence person, she would chat me up on the phone and never let go, trying to squeeze what she could, while gaining my trust.  I had nothing to hide, so I just let it go for a while.  Then she started turning on me when she figured out I already had her figured out; and that she was informing on me for the RCMP (and thus CSIS) on the Portus file

This was after I mentioned to informant Marion Knoll a fake panhandler/lookout positioned daily at Gloucester & Church Streets for years, who had a key to the nearby, upscale Plaza II apartments at 20 Bloor Street East. This police-protected drug informant lookout was later moved to the food court near my rented post office box, where he became friendly with the Canada Post licensee, George Kesh. It may be hard to believe information was moving between an informant on a street corner and an RCMP-supervised Portus file, but it obviously was.

When the time came to process the actual Portus raw data, it was set up in a large room with the confidence person in another separate office.  It was an obvious RCMP honey pot scenario, and I was fairly sure it was under heavy watch by them.  Having made absolutely nothing on Portus file to that point, I was sure the RCMP were trying to entrap me as stealing data for some sort of financial gain, and that this surveillance would never, ever stop until they achieved their ‘results’. I decided to put my perceptions to the test.

I took a few blank CD-Rs to the Portus file to copy the FileMaker Pro software discs, which I had to copy anyway since I could not go out and purchase a box of software with the particular version KPMG was using.  My contractor had a long and bad habit of not wanting to upgrade the FileMaker software in use on site, and I needed their on-site release version for my off-site testing.  I already had multiple FileMaker Pro versions and personal licenses, so copying the site discs was not foul play, even if I was 'caught' doing it.

Once on site and alone in the secluded Portus data honey-pot, I took the CD-Rs, sandwiched between two pages of my billing scribbler and, ‘looking around suspiciously’ copied the FileMaker discs via the Portus database PC, making sure the discs were plainly visible.  I'm sure you can sense the suspense. Once done, I made sure to erase the temporary files and the CD-R burning log. This was April 4, 2006 at 2:45pm.

I needed to know that I was under watch at Portus, and that the year of literal zero-profit slavery to the file was designed for an entrapment moment like this.  If I had wanted to secretly copy corporate data, I would have at least used a small, easily-concealed USB drive.  As I finished my day's work and left the Portus file, with freshly-burned FileMaker software discs concealed in my scribbler, the confidence person admin assistant — who used to work for ‘the police’ — was all smiles.

The following week, April 12, 2006, I was literally locked out of the Portus computer I was intended to be working on, and given low level privileges.  Sure enough, I was being watched in the honey-pot room — likely with RCMP hidden cameras and by my contractor himself.

The admin assistant was then given further authority over me, to watch over all aspects of my working methods, soaking them up to report.  Every single thing had to be approved by her and her supervisor at KPMG, with my contractor kept at surveillance distance.  The problem was that this KPMG admin assistant had gone offshore for a year before, and had made a music video with herself playing some mob woman handing over a payoff envelope.

Yes, this was my personal supervisor at KPMG, who had the keys to the whole Portus site, while I was her ‘handled’ help.  All KPMG & RCMP approved.

Here I was, personally responsible for developing a database that handled literally millions of dollars, and a 'drug payoff envelope passer’ was my supervisor.  Was the offshore music video an RCMP/CSIS/police assignment?  It didn’t matter, because it was clear that the RCMP had done what it does best: arrive in a perfect situation, insert its influence to corrupt it and — like town arsonist and fire chief in one — fabricate a problem at the Portus file that only the RCMP could ‘handle’, further justifying its involvement.

I stopped all work and had a meeting with my KPMG contractor.  In addition to the need to get administrative control over my own work, I gave him a list of verbal abuses that the admin assistant’s supervisor had dished out at me over the years.  The admin assistant would play sympathetic ear and ask me about the supervisor’s lashings, and whatever I would say would be served back to her supervisor (for my further lashings).

This admin assistant was always interested in having me talk about global politics, Zionism, American militarism, Canadian taxation or whatever she could go running with (or perhaps on a wire). She once even tried desperately to take away some personal tax forms I brought to the office to shred. Despite her being all smiles with hands outstretched, I made sure to shred them myself. This is what a confidence person does to get control over a person’s life...bit by bit. They are career sociopaths who don't get discredited as mentally ill by a government, they are adopted by it.

As her confidence person tactics were very similar to that of the CSIS employee torturing me at my rental property, my opinion is that Marion Knoll was also a CSIS spy embedded at KPMG, who eventually corrupted the KPMG Portus file to favour the interests of Zionist CSIS (and thus the Israeli interests protecting Boaz Manor, who had fled there). While I had detected her early, I offered my surveilling KPMG contractor one year to work things out with Marion Knoll and Janine Bradley, and make my workplace sane.

As the year went on, it was nothing but surveilled trust tests and barely enough income to get by.  I was accumulating massive debt, just trying to live while slaving away on the Portus file.  The admin assistant would set me up for trust test after trust test and, when I would figure her out, she would go into confidence swindler command mode and try and manipulate me back into being handled.  My KPMG contractor was very fond of this admin assistant, perhaps enamored by Esther-like spy role.  When I raised questions about the admin assistant and her trust test deceptions, my contractor confidently and smoothly lied to me that it was all in my head.

I knew at that point I had to resign from KPMG. I applied for a side job at NOW Communications, answering a May 4, 2006 want ad for, "a freelance project opportunity for a budding FileMaker Pro”.  As it seemed low level and custom-tailored for my business, I knew I could do it on the side.  I told the magazine that I had the summer mostly free and could tackle it then.  But, like my start-up on Portus, the NOW job was suddenly delayed by their supposedly testing another hire for those two months.  No—this was the RCMP and/or CSIS, with my every move under their surveillance, trying to create a work conflict.

Like Portus, I wasn’t shown the assets of the NOW project until I hired on.  To get hired, NOW demanded I show them my previous work.  Since my KPMG files were highly sensitive, I just brought clone (empty) databases, with all the Confed, Reliance and Portus-related areas deleted or hidden.  I was hired as a part-time developer and, once shown the assets, their FileMaker project was a monster, not a side job.

Like Portus, I could only receive information funneled through one ‘handler’ developer there, and it soon seemed as if I was hired at NOW for this staff developer to test my skills, and report them to the RCMP/CSIS, who wanted me sponged and discredited.  I was frequently brought into a back room where the developer picked my brain for whatever he could squeeze in closed-door sessions.  I soon determined that one critical aspect of the FileMaker project could have been finished quickly and easily by this developer, and then a trust test arrived.

The developer, his supervisor and the general manager were to have a meeting with me.  The developer asked me to not tell the general manager that I could complete that certain database function quickly, else I would be let go from the project altogether.  When the meeting happened, it was clear that all three were in on the trust test.  I just let the staged meeting proceed with minimal involvement, did what the handler wanted and later told him privately that I wanted out of the project.  However, my NOW handler wouldn’t let me go.

Working back and forth at KPMG and NOW, balancing both RCMP/CSIS handlers, was exhausting and I made no profit whatsoever.  Only six-months into the assignment, I e-mailed NOW detailed reasoning as to why they needed a full-time hire for their project, and that it wasn’t me. They still wouldn't let me go.


The admin assistant at Portus became more deceptive and irate, knowing that I had figured her entrapment tests out and wanted none of them.  Then the sleepless nights and paranoia began.  Slowly, it seemed I was slipping into either paranoid schizophrenia, while some form of remote harassment sent waves of electrical sensations through my skull.

The tag-teaming RCMP/CSIS trust test deceptions of the Portus admin assistant and her supervisor became unbearable and, as the year I promised KPMG was up, I tendered resignation.  Most of the Portus staff was involved in my trust tests at that point and, being in a terrible mental state, I knew that I would not be able to function professionally.  To protect the Portus file, while my involvement was still ‘handled’ and limited, I resigned by e-mail, citing the core reason as being ‘set up for a fall’ since 2006.  This was March 28, 2007.

I handled the KPMG resignations like a pro.  I entertained everyone who had been trying to corrupt me.  I made sophisticated manuals for all the databases I had worked on; even the Portus database which had hardly any real function at that point.  However, KPMG would probably never find anyone who could replace my skill set.  Not without millions of dollars.  If the Portus claims process could not be automated to the fullest on a budget, then the file would have to be rushed; losing KPMG untold years of revenue.

Losing me, the lone I.T. guru who could handle the largest of corporate liquidations, was a big problem — financially and logistically. KPMG and NOW had my manuals; but not my mind, skill sets and 13 years of experience. This was attempted industrial espionage/sabotage, where my corporate solutions for Portus and NOW were intended to be stolen, but the both projects were corrupted by the surveillance and discrediting campaign. To date, I have not seen KPMG Canada take on a project with the corporate complexity of Portus.

After my KPMG resignation term ended on April 13, 2007, I spent the weekend writing my KPMG contractor a six-page letter, explaining my suspicions and concerns with the file and that, if they needed anything more from me, they could visit and access my data.  When I personally delivered this letter and my residual materials to KPMG, it was clear the RCMP or CSIS intercepted them.  When I arrived back at my apartment, a large burly man was staring me down at the South entrance, while two younger men were waiting in the lobby. Both rushed the exits and blocked them, spread-eagled, as if signifying I could never leave.

With the relief of KPMG resignation over, once would think my pre-psychotic stress would have abated, or the physical sensations of electrical current running through my brain would have alleviated.  I began looking up mental illness online for symptoms of schizophrenia, and there was nothing about physical pain; that is without the symptoms of a tumor. I had never had a psychiatric episode before in my life.

Night after night, my thoughts kept racing and, just a week after my resignation, I went running to a pay phone to dial 9-1-1, requesting they take me to psychiatric care.  I told the emergency dispatch that I was under surveillance at work, some form of criminal entrapment front, and that it had followed me home.  This was the early morning of April 21, 2007.

When the police arrived, they did another trust test; pretending to not want to take me to a hospital, and insisting that take a bus there instead.  The police finally took me to Mount Sinai Hopsital for blood tests; to see if I was on drugs.  This was RCMP and/or CSIS interference with my 9-1-1 call.  After the drug use tests came back negative, I was taken by taxi to the emergency room of the CAMH (mental hospital) at Spadina and College Streets.

As I waited in the CAMH emergency alone, my skull began being racked with intense physical pain.  I lost all focus and insight, and went into a heavily delusional state.  While I was pre-psychotic hours before, this pain-induced hallucinatory state seemed timed with my arrivals at Mount Sinai Hospital and the CAMH.  After signing into the CAMH’s care, a young woman arrived, who seemed to be watching me out of all the others.  Even wracked with delusions, it was clear plain clothed had been sent to the emergency to watch me.

During my voluntary 72-hour stay at the CAMH emergency, I was utterly compelled to phone both my KPMG contractor, and another VP working on Portus, from the CAMH emergency room.  This psychiatric discrediting made both KPMG and the RCMP’s liabilities for forcing me off the file ‘go away’ in a very timely manner.

While still psychotic, manic and delusional, I was not of any harm, so I was discharged from the CAMH on April 23, 2007. I walked back to my surveilled apartment.

During a few weeks of this sudden-onset psychosis, and its highly-suggestive mental state, I was irresistibly compelled to write out my thoughts about my surveillance in detailed letters to the RCMP and CSIS. This discredited me psychiatrically to the government's security and police, also in a very timely manner.  I later sent a resignation letter to the developer at NOW magazine, returning their files on disc.

A few days after mailing these letters, the psychosis magically lifted.  I simply woke up one morning, feeling completely refreshed, thinking, “I went psychotic.”  Whether it was some form of electronic harassment to provoke psychosis, or a manic episode with psychotic features from all my stresses, I had gone through a terrifying but brief psychotic episode. This was May 12, 2007.

As for the NOW project, I had to go through yet another resignation process, where I was scorned as having wasted their time for a year and causing them major pitfalls.  I was never paid for months of work, despite e-mailing NOW six-months prior that they needed a full-time hire for the project.  As it turned out, the project required completion by a firm of five people, trained in the highest functionalities of the FileMaker software.  The supposed auditors of my working methods had placed a want ad for a part-time "budding FileMaker Pro", which ended up taking a FileMaker firm fifteen months to complete.

I was also replaced by a firm by KPMG, however the Portus file was completed very swiftly in comparison to Confed and Reliance.  Yes, the work I was doing all by myself as a contractor ended-up being taken over by literally two firms of people, at great expense.  I was also out of work, under RCMP/CSIS surveillance and my mind still reeling from a full-blown psychotic break vis-à-vis the concerted efforts of a government-salaried, taxpayer-funded town arsonist/fire chief.

Wrongful conviction and fixed hearings (Canadian flag)

Millions were spent to discredit and torture me so that the public would have no idea who I really was before targeted government ruination.

download my 1998-2003 web portfolio as a ZIP file [Mediafire 14.2MB]

So, you’re perhaps wondering, why was I targeted by the Canadian government?

First, being slowly and deliberately made broke, I was behind on some personal taxes, and had late returns both during and after dealing with my mother’s terminal illness and death.  Even when I finally had to declare bankruptcy, I never owed one cent of the GST I had fully reported and collected in 13 years as a contractor.  However, once you owe some personal taxes, penalties are applied, rolled-up into one new lump sum and the daily compounded interest begins.  It is designed by the Canada Revenue Agency to bankrupt you, so your assets can be quickly seized and liquidated by the CRA, ruining you.

In this sense, government is a highly-evolved mafia: you pay your protection money in taxes, and the government won't slate your life for destruction. State policy is treating tax debtors with an equal level of unfairness, so that it appears to be some version of fairness and equality in the mind of the public. As you can surmise, the CRA collects the millions of dollars in income required for the government's police to isolate, criminalize and destroy the lives of innocent and hard-working persons like myself.

You guessed it — I was made a targeted individual for my political analysis and outspoken viewpoints.

But that’s another story.

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