false narratives = alternate realities

With modern total surveillance, first-world governments already know where almost all terrorism and organized crime originates. To keep the public subjected to this perpetual privacy invasion, a self-fueling 'war on terror' demands the town arsonist/fire chief model.

problem: Persons in activist/protest groups, on social media, in chat rooms and conspiracy forums speak against America, Canada or Israel's state policies.

Informants, in participation with terrorism-watch organizations, feed local and federal police covert alerts about the terror target candidate.

Terror candidate targets are profiled, isolated, stalked, harassed, financially ruined or made open to 'an offer they cannot refuse' by undercover state police and their informants.

Targets are subjected to intense wireless surveillance and remote-influencing to both infuse and collect every detail of their life. Their daily social routines are made predictable to stage the entrapment, and any leaks after the target's entrapment can be quickly suppressed.

Once familiar with the target's every move, a terror alert, video 'evidence' or event is staged around the target patsy, with their surveillance dossier dumped to the news media.

reaction: The public poses no questions as to victim patsy's intent. If the terror candidate had been mentally abused and discredited by psychiatry in the targeting process, they will receive a cut-and-dry terror conviction.

The state police anti-terror budgets are boosted, sending them to America, Canada or Israel for anti-terror training; due to the increase in domestic terror alerts, videos and events.

Anti-terror training conditions each state's police that a domestic terrorist is one profiled as protesting or speaking against first world government policies...but especially Israel's.

Persons protesting or speaking against America, Canada or Israel are placed under terrorist watch by the FBI/CIA, RCMP/CSIS and Israeli Police/Mossad, and the problem/reaction cycle repeats.

solution: Critics of state, police and religion are jailed, institutionalized or killed under the pretext of anti-terrorism, leaving a public unable to defend against invasive state protection and surveillance overreach. Those who speak out are discredited as conspiracy theorists, having a 'distorted world view' and 'mental challenges'. Society is thus reordered to benefit and reward a psychology of state-hired domestic terrorism, secret police corruption and privacy erosion.

Critics of government overreach do not expand privacy invasions which build life-spanning personal dossiers and psychological profiles on the public, but a continued perceived presence of domestic terrorism does.

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