Canada practices no-touch torture

The multitude of documentation on this page evidences how those targeted by criminal policing will receive no legal assistance, with every attempt at lawful or community outreach being intercepted and shut down with ghost-written letters, forgery or employees turned informants. Being placed under illegal surveillance, Canada's criminal police and intelligence follow and intercept your every phone call, e-mail and Internet search to ensure you receive no assistance which would lead to criminal charges against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ("RCMP"), Canadian Security Intelligence Service ("CSIS") or the Toronto Police Service ("TPS") for criminal stalking, no-touch torture, biometric slavery or harassment.

You have been TARGETED for an illegal take-down by government-trained criminals, and as their victim you will never be permitted to have a public voice. This is especially true with drug-running police, as it is up to TPS/RCMP to explain how hundreds of plain clothed and informants can exist in downtown Toronto with daily cocaine, crystal meth and heroin/fentanyl sellers and buyers without their total integration. Read and listen to how every government and public agency I contact completely rejects everything I have to say and all my forensic-level audio and video evidence, so that when I post it online it looks like I am discrediting myself (aka "counterintelligence").

The core issue in trying to rid your life of targeting by a major downtown police-protected cocaine network is that so many Canadians are (ab)users. Per Health Canada/CCSA stats, about one in a hundred Canadians are cocaine users [MediaFire 763b], or about three hundred thousand Canadians. Even halving those statistics to 0.5%, factoring regular drug testing in some government agencies, that's over 18,000 Canadian government services employees who are cocaine users. If each employee did one 'line' of cocaine a day (or only one gram a week), Canadian government employees would require 18 kilos of cocaine a week, or almost a metric tonne of cocaine a year, even with these highly conservative statistical estimates.

The need for massive drug supply establishes government cocaine channels, and this is what I discovered running for over 12 years in my rental complex. To keep themselves out of jail, police and government employees cover for each other by ensuring you are continuously targeted for discrediting; creating false police and medical records that you are a drug dealer/user, insane harasser, white supremacist or pedophile. Whatever smear campaign can be founded on the statements of witnesses—dozens of informant drug addicts, who the criminal police begin inserting into your daily routines to establish connections which has never previously existed.

Once targeted for entrapment, law enforcement will push any lawful documentation of their entrapment back at you as self-incriminating evidence of any number of possible crimes. The RCMP/CSIS scheme was simple: have hundreds of persons conspicuously stalk and provoke me through illegal biometric surveillance, then compile my reactions into a dossier which could get me evicted as a 'delusional paranoid'. The entire rental property, tenants and management were/are in on the RCMP protection scheme, as it supplies drugs to the nearby downtown core and LGBT night clubs.

Due to the immense illegality of the surveillance methods used on my rental property, my landlord was legally indemnified by the RCMP, and every attempt to gain my tenant rights was subverted by the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board ("LTB") fabricating Orders which refuted my every valid and evidenced claim against my landlord. Yes, Ontario tribunals obediently follow garbage RCMP Orders to publish even more garbage tribunal Orders. I was smeared and discredited to the LTB staff before my visits, and even my telephone calls for assistance were intercepted by the RCMP, since they knew the nature of my calls from apartment surveillance.

My LTB application hearings were corrupted by RCMP surveillance, with board member Debbie Mosaheb making huge scenes for me to stop recording the public hearing, else the RCMP-influenced guard would take away my laptop full of hearing evidence. The RCMP and Toronto Police Services drug squad were doing everything EXCEPT busting the supply and manufacture their informants have been dealing and protecting for years; else the scheme collapses. There is no use filing complaints with Canadian police or intelligence services or their oversight groups, as the RCMP compels them to protect the scheme.

Below is video exhibit 1 from my Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board applications TST-56836-14 & TST-61644-15, which the LTB refused to rule on, due to the rulings being in my favour. The LTB has obstructed me from submitting a further application TST-65890-15 against my landlord, as it would also rule in my favour. I have no idea how many other landlords with hard drug dealing informant networks on their property the LTB has protected in this manner.

download a PDF of my 3/5/2016 open letter to the RCMP [MediaFire 193kb], which the RCMP returned, declining to address any of the relevant issues it raised [MediaFire 986kb].

download a PDF of my 7/16/2016 letter to the RCMP [MediaFire 738kb], requesting they explain their reasons for targeting me for a decade and a pending torture claim against Canada, which they returned to purge evidence of it from their files.

download a PDF of my 9/24/2016 letter to the RCMP [MediaFire 692kb], requesting they explain why the RCMP employee residing in my rental property is impersonating my landlord by retaining my landlord's lawyer, and why he intercepted my medical form to forge a false delusional diagnosis in order to stage a hoax LTB eviction hearing on 2016/12/01. Download a PDF of the 10/25/2016 reply letter from the RCMP [MediaFire 2.38MB], which deliberately avoided answering these questions.

download a PDF of my 12/9/2017 letter [MediaFire 283kb] to RCMP headquarters re: my knowledge of past, present and future RCMP (CSIS/TPS) surveillance and entrapment in Canada, and how it renders evidence as a result of it worthless.

download a 05/13/2016 MP3 [MediaFire 2.41MB] of my rental property's security agent lying that he doesn't know William Skinner, and having no concerns over cocaine being sold at the same front entrance he guards.

download an MP3 [MediaFire 16.6MB] and PDF [MediaFire 1.06MB] of how and why my entrances and exits from my rental property became illegal surveillance exploits.

download a PDF of my Landlord and Tenant Board application TST-65890-1 evidence material [MediaFire 3.7MB]

listen to my cross-examination of Toronto Police officers Andrew Johnson [MediaFire MP3] (with evidence [MediaFire 192kb]), and Breann Maynard [MediaFire MP3].

download a PDF of my 2015/09/24 letter to Detective Constable Tash Baiati [MediaFire 243kb] (badge #10474) for Toronto Police Services to independently pursue theft, accessory and criminal conspiracy charges, along with the required evidence provided on DVD-ROM [MediaFire ZIP 137MB]

download a PDF of my 2016/12/17 and 2016/12/03 letters to Toronto police Detective Constable Tash Baiati [MediaFire 946kb] regarding his police informant contact CSIS spy's lies, illegal surveillance and counterintelligence at 105 Isabella Street. Baiati plead guilty to insubordination on 2016/09/21.

PDF of LTB TST-56836-14 & TST-61644-15 Exhibit 2 [MediaFire 3.49MB]

PDF of TST-65890-15 hearing evidence [MediaFire 3.72MB]

PDF of transcripts for my five Toronto police events [MediaFire 5MB]

MP3 audio of my five Toronto police events [MediaFire folder]

PDF of my 8/11/2015, 9/21/2015 and 9/29/2015 open letters to the LTB Vice Chair, Guy Savoie [MediaFire 2.07MB]

PDF of the 9/28/2015 Order to censor my public hearing recording evidence from the Internet, and my 9/29/2015 request to review and stay the Order [MediaFire 1.27MB]

PDF of Guy Savoie's 10/1/2015 letter stating no RCMP influence on my applications or hearings [MediaFire 560kb]

PDF of the LTB 10/5/2015 Review Order to censor my public hearing recording evidence from the Internet [MediaFire 762kb]

PDF with audio of my 10/2/2015 LTB post-hearing submission regarding the Order's entrapment issues, and its rejection by the LTB on 10/13/2015 [MediaFire 932kb]

PDF of my 10/4/2015 message to the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario, PDF with audio of my 10/16/2015 letter to the Ombudsman citing RCMP interference [MediaFire 671kb] and 11/23/2015 letter authorizing an Ombudsman investigation [MediaFire 736kb].

PDF of my 12/18/2015 letter of concern to the Ontario Ombudsman regarding the ruling dismissing my Landlord and Tenant Board applications TST-56836-14 & TST-61644-15, the ruling itself and attachments [MediaFire 2.67MB], being there was no landlord representation at my final LTB hearing.

PDF of my 12/24/2015 letter of concern to the Ontario Ombudsman regarding the ruling dismissing my Landlord and Tenant Board application LTB TST-65890-15, the ruling itself and attachments [MediaFire 954kb], being there was no landlord representation at my final LTB hearing.

MP3 [MediaFire 8.8MB] of my 07/18/2018 phone call with Ontario Ombudsman's Abril Liberatori, who assists the RCMP and CSIS fake a record on my tapped land line that the LTB complaint material I submitted three years ago is fresh, as to discard my two news years of LTB process abuse, and my 2018/08/01 reply e-mail [MediaFire 113kb] after CSIS "Scott Parsons" directs Ombudsman's Ronan O'Leary to push a complaint letter about the phone recording through my RCMP/CSIS surveilled e-mail account.

MP3 [MediaFire 12.5MB] of my 08/13/2018 phone call with Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner's Soo Kim, who assists the police and CSIS fake a record on my tapped land line that my new appeal is like an old request rehashed. This phone recording is imperative in documenting how the Ontario government's legislation is written around the needs for state kidnappings and privacy erosions like mine.

PDF of my 02/11/2016 request to review LTB Orders on TST-56836-14, TST-61644-15 and LTB TST-65890-15 and their denials, based on conflicting police testimony and rejection of evidence [MediaFire 2.2MB].

PDF of my 04/22/2016 letter to my landlord's counsel re: a forged N5 eviction notice (scanned signature/wrong lawyer address) fabricated from illegal wireless surveillance events to serve the interests of 11th floor RCMP employee (who retained same lawyer to indemnify my landlord), and my LTB T2 application as a result of the intimidation attempt [MediaFire 6.01MB.

Listen to a 04/22/2016 MP3 of what it sounds like when explaining illegal biometric wireless surveillance to the Landlord and Tenant Board staff, which has been corrupted and infiltrated by the RCMP [MediaFire MP3].

Download a 05/11/2016 PDF [MediaFire 4.72MB] and MP3 [MediaFire 12.2MB] of the RCMP-infiltrated Landlord and Tenant Board scheduling my eviction hearing—null due to the N5 prerequisite notice being prepared and served by the RCMP, not my landlord.

Download a 05/13/2016 MP3 [MediaFire MP3] and PDF [MediaFire 609kb] of the RCMP faking a hearing record at a publicly-funded LTB tribunal, because I had walked out of the 05/12/2016 mediation at a preliminary stage [MediaFire MP3] and PDF [MediaFire 170kb].

Download a 05/27/2016 PDF [MediaFire 5.39MB] and MP3 [MediaFire 12.1MB] of my having to re-file a T2 application after RCMP-indemnified Joanne Lolato and Guy Savoie fabricated LTB Orders that a 2016/05/12 Case Management Hearing was in order (with my landlord represented) and that I had abandoned my original T2 application.

Download a 06/16/2016 MP3 [MediaFire MP3] and PDF [MediaFire 609kb] of the RCMP planting an informant lawyer at a publicly-funded tribunal hearing, and my catching her on multiple representation conflicts, lies and a rehearsed RCMP litany.

Download a 06/24/2016 PDF [MediaFire 3.03MB] and MP3 [MediaFire MP3] of my complaint on RCMP informant lawyer Jane Ferguson to the Law Society of Upper Canada, and a PDF of the LSUC's 10/14/2016 reply letter [MediaFire 3.61MB].

Listen to audio [MediaFire MP3] from June 28, 2016 of a counterintelligence stalker following me from the Landlord and Tenant Board to incite a provocation skit at a café with provable lies [tweet].

Download a 06/28/2016 MP3 [MediaFire MP3] of the LTB staff shutting me down and showing me the door when I mention the illegal RCMP surveillance in my rental property,

PDF of my 06/29/2016 letter to LTB Vice-Chair Guy Savoie and mediator David Krieger, evidencing why the SJTO had no powers on June 16, 2016 to re-schedule my landlord's eviction hearing on TSL-73760-16 [MediaFire 1.16MB].

PDF of my 06/30/2016 letter to LTB Vice-Chair Guy Savoie and mediator David Krieger, evidencing why there was no landlord representation (or even a landlord named) at my June 16, 2016 Case Management Hearing, and that the landlord had accepted the facts of TSL-74210-16 [MediaFire 855kb].

PDF of my 07/4/2016 letter to LTB Vice-Chair Guy Savoie and mediator David Krieger, explaining that the LTB has no powers to make anInterim Order based on landlord representation at my 2016/06/16 CMH [MediaFire 925kb].

PDF of my LTB certificates of service confirming delivery of submissions and letters to my landlord on 08/4/2016 [MediaFire 1.58MB] and additional submissions on 2016/08/19 [MediaFire 2.39MB] for my 2016/09/15 LTB hearing.

PDF of five e-mails to the LTB, Ombudsman and LSUC, evidencing the issuing of fraudulent Orders and the RCMP purporting to be my landlord via forged documents, which received no reply due to gag Orders [MediaFire 286kb].

MP3 of my 2016/09/15 LTB hoax hearing police entrapment setup with paid informants, witnesses and a judge rehearsed by the 11th floor RCMP tenant of my rental property [MediaFire 153MB].

Download an 11/29/2016 PDF [MediaFire 1.48MB] and MP3 [MediaFire] of my pre-hearing tenant's statement on LTB files TSL-73760-16 and TST-74210-16 to Guy Savoie and Esi Codjoe, detailing how and why I know my 12/01/2016 hoax hearing is a police entrapment setup.

Download a 12/01/2016 MP3 [MediaFire 213MB] and PDF [MediaFire 13.4MB] of exhibits from my three-hour cross-examination of a CSIS spy and crisis actor (with key access to unit 1115 of my rental property) at the hoax hearing entrapment setup.

Download a 12/01/2016 MP3 [MediaFire 84.8MB] of my case law analysis and cross-examination of building manager Rodante Mendoza at the CSIS LTB hoax hearing entrapment setup.

Download MP3s of my CSIS/RCMP/TPS 03/02/2017 LTB hoax hearing entrapment setup (part one [MediaFire 100MB], part two [MediaFire 78.5MB], part three [MediaFire 75.9MB]) and a PDF [MediaFire 8.88MB], which proves Michael Nuyen of Jemtec Inc. was running a CSIS front company out of 105 Isabella unit 504, after advising Parliament Hill, Canada Corrections and Canadian policing agencies (who are ALL-IN the EEG remote-driven terror patsy program).

Download a PDF of a legally unenforcible 2017/03/13 Interim Order on a CSIS/TPS hoax landlord application by Esi Codjoe in criminal conspiracy with the Toronto police-protected criminal spy with access to unit 1115 of my rental property [MediaFire 7.58MB].

Download a PDF of a 2017/05/03 Member Endorsement Form and Interim Order by Roger Rodrigues, deliberately depriving me of a hearing audio recording in criminal conspiracy with the Toronto police and CSIS/RCMP, and my reply e‑mails [MediaFire 2.63MB].

PDF of my 11/25/2016 faxed letter of complaint to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service ("CSIS") regarding their profiling me as a white supremacist and "holocaust denier" [MediaFire 874kb].


PDF of my 09/27/2017 faxed letter to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ("RCMP") addressing the lies that I was not under their investigation [MediaFire 368kb].

PDF of my 12/06/2016 letter from an anonymous source (likely forged by the CSIS employee targeting me in my rental property), rejecting my CSIS Access to Information request, citing legislation that I am a subversive and domestic threat: [MediaFire 676kb], and the source of the likely forgery [MediaFire 495kb].

PDF of CSIS' 2016/12/20 cover-up and denial of targeting me after refusing my ATIP requests under the pretext of my being, "subversive" and "hostile" [MediaFire 524kb].

PDF transcript with embedded audio of Dr. Paul Hasson confirming I'm being followed and rejecting a paranoid delusional diagnosis on 2016/08/04. CSIS/unit 1115 diagnosed me delusional days intercepting my medical forms under Bill C-51 [MediaFire 5.8MB].

PDF of fax re: RCMP interference with The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario investigation into Dr. Paul Hasson, and e-mails to the LTB, Ombudsman and LSUC, requesting affidavits of authorship for existing LTB Orders [MediaFire 286kb].

MP3 of voice mail to my insurer, The Canada Life Assurance Company, requesting an explanation in their own voice as to why they have refused to investigate my 2016/08/10 physician's statement as a forgery [MediaFire 3.11MB].

PDF [MediaFire 663kb] of my 2016/09/01 letter and MP3 [MediaFire 4.15MB] of my 2016/09/02 voicemail to The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, regarding the interception of my complaint against Dr. Paul Hasson by the RCMP, and their ghost writing/forgery of the 2016/08/31 CPSO response.

PDF [MediaFire 1.63MB] of my 2017/01/18 letter from The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, after having been paid off by CSIS/unit 1115 in black budget drug money to dismiss my Dr. Paul Hasson medical form forgery complaint, and my appeal of same by 2017/01/25 facsimile.

PDF [MediaFire 11.2MB] of my 2017/06/07 letter to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board, which spent seventy-five pages avoiding the audio evidence of Dr. Paul Hasson stating that he would NOT diagnose me as delusional, which directly conficted with my CSIS-forged 2016/08/10 insurance form.

PDF [MediaFire 244kb] of my 2017/06/09 online posting and fax to the Landlord and Tenant Board, regarding my complete mistrust of—and lack of confidence in—LTB member Roger Rodrigues, who has been paid-off by CSIS and/or the Toronto police to fake hearing records which discredit me.

PDF [MediaFire 1.53MB] of my 2018/05/11 fax and receipts with conclusive proof of subterfuge that the Landlord and Tenant Board pre-staged the deliberate, wrongful voiding of my tenant application on May 9, 2018 by faking a "computer glitch" when I paid my $700 fine on May 31, 2017.

PDF [MediaFire 2.86MB] of a 2017/07/14 legal disclosure bundle from a CSIS spy, pretending to be my landlord, which was nothing more than a smear-job intended for me to upload to the Internet so I would discredit myself.

Download a PDF [MediaFire 1MB] of 2017/10/22 fax which lawyer Jane Ferguson produced as distorted and later lied that was physically-delivered to her by me, even though LTB member Roger Rodrigues had a perfectly-imaged copy as my LTB Certificate of Service from the same fax machine I used. Ferguson uses such lies to help her extort copies of my hearing submissions for CSIS and the police, as in my 2018/06/26 hearing with informant Renée Lang.

Download a 2017/05/02 to 2018/03/26 MP3 [MediaFire 463MB] and ZIP/PDFs [MediaFire 9.58MB] of the bogus CSIS/RCMP/B'nai Brith Canada/JDL Canada "holocaust denier/white supremacist" show trials bonded to my legitimate tenant application TST-74210-16 by my CSIS/RCMP "landlord" file TSL-73760-16.

Download a PDF [MediaFire 436kb] of 2018/10/19 tenant rights application served against RAAMCO/Gateway, covering the 2 & 1/2 years it's taken to deal with "Scott Parsons" hoax hearings which sustained my interference and harassment at 105 Isabella Street, naming the Government of Canada also as my landlord for subverting my LTB visits since 2015

Download a 2018/10/27 PDF [MediaFire 946kb] of bogus RCMP-scripted apartment entry notices to fake that pest control and plumbers could not do their job (a nonexistent roach infestation and a nonexistent leak) and covertly imaging my move-out boxes to fake them being a fire hazard.

Download a 2018/11/07 PDF [MediaFire 3.45MB] of a member endorsement form signed by paid and legally-indemnified CSIS informant Renée Lang, working with the CSIS drug-running spies of 105 Isabella units 1105 and 501 (who work directly with RAAMCO front company lawyer Jane Ferguson and property manager Melinda Ruszer) to have me evicted on a hoax pest infestation and fire hazard.

Download a PDF [MediaFire 6.29MB] of lawyer Jane Ferguson's copy of the 2018/11/07 Renée Lang endorsement and TSL-00651-18 hearing notice with the credit card payment information removed (suggesting that the first copy delivered to my door on 2018/11/07 was made without Jane Ferguson's knowledge, even though the L2 application was faxed from her office number). This PDF also contains a related tweet chronology.

Download a PDF [MediaFire 15MB] of the 2018/11/07 Renée Lang endorsement and TSL-00651-18 hearing notice as delivered to me by Canada Post mail. 105 Isabella's unit 501 L2 filing and Ruszer's photos of my moving boxes now show Jane Ferguson’s fax number (dated November 1, 2018) to falsify that Renée Lang’s endorsement originated from Jane Ferguson. This PDF also contains an updated tweet chronology.

Download a PDF [MediaFire 4.71MB] of my 2018/11/16 letter to LTB member Renée Lang, documenting her contempt of court and violation of the fundamental principles and statutory rules of the SPPA and SJTO by issuing Orders and signing endorsements in secret conspiracy with the government spies who represent and work together with my landlord RAAMCO at 105 Isabella Street as to deny me access to a fair hearing process.

Download a PDF [MediaFire 892kb] of a 2018/11/09 endorsement by CSIS informant LTB member Renée Lang, where she reschedules my tenant hearing TST-00153-18 to suit the needs of her known CSIS confidential informant lawyer Jane Ferguson, again working to shelter my government front landlord RAAMCO in contempt of court and violation of her SJTO/LTB rules.

Download a PDF [MediaFire 1.32MB] of a 1994/10/31 Order against 105 Isabella management, proving I've been a tenant since 1993, that I was an upstanding tenant representing other occupants, that RAAMCO took ownership of the property AFTER I moved in and that it hired Gateway West as manager

Download a PDF [MediaFire 17.4MB] of my leases and rent payments from 1993-2019 with North American Trust Company and RAAMCO/Gateway, proving that I have always been a rent-paying tenant of 105 Isabella Street, and not living rent-free as an informant drug-runner of CSIS/police spy "Scott Parsons".

Download a PDF [MediaFire 3.02MB] of my efforts at 105 Isabella Street for tenant rights, documenting RAAMCO's slack maintenance and "key money" to Gateway head office and reporting my assault from an undercover police drug informant "tenant" of RCMP/CSIS/TPS "Scott Parsons" as far back as 2005 (with no legal action taken by the Toronto Police Service).

Download a PDF [MediaFire 2.03MB] which documents CSIS/police spy "Scott Parsons" working with Melinda Ruszer as far back as 2007 through a tenant group front to deprive upstanding tenants of legal remedy against my landlord RAAMCO/Gateway.

Listen to a 10/16/2015 MP3 of what it sounds like when explaining RCMP/CSIS mail interception to an Ombudsman Ontario receptionist, who was phoned in advance of my arrival [MediaFire 1.54MB].

PDF of my 12/17/2016 letter from the RCMP, falsifying that they have compiled no information on me to date, despite CSIS flagging me as subversive and hostile (furthering my Federal no-touch torture program) [MediaFire 550kb].

Listen to a 7/29/2016 MP3 of what it sounds like when a CSIS fill-in receptionist, legally indemnifying a doctor, deliberately contaminates your medical information so the police can "examine" and steal it [MediaFire 3.03MB].

Download a PDF of evidence of major crime in the community mailed to my city councilor on April 11, 2012, for which I received no reply [MediaFire 4.0MB].

Listen to me intercept a drug deal in the seventh floor stairwell of my rental property on July 1, 2013, linked to an alias of Keith, a year after a homeless bottle collector was knocking on the door of unit 716 for the same name on April 15, 2012. Audio of Keith (harassing me in an elevator on 8/24/2015) at end of recording [MediaFire MP3].

Listen to the Toronto police drug crew send a drug-running plain clothed or informant to pin me in my rental property's garbage bins as a provocation skit, warranting illegal entrapment Orders for my LTB hearing the next day [MediaFire MP3].

PDF of my 2011-2013 mailings to Brookfield Properties' Lee Kennedy and Dov Blidner, regarding being stalked, tailgated and threatened with violence by their tenant (with evidence).

Listen to Brookfield Properties' Lee Kennedy stalk me to my home on February 22, 2013 with a bogus harassment claim and trespass notice, protecting the 20 Bloor Street East denizen and his panhandler network of informants. I never did receive any written notice for this bogus trespass notice, despite requesting it by registered mail. Lee Kennedy has no evidence of me harassing anyone, despite the entire food court under CCTV surveillance [MediaFire MP3].

PDF [MediaFire 617kb] of my faxed/mailed letter to Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacob, requesting he explain why I was pulled in handcuffs from the Cineplex Varsity on 2018/03/28 for not wanting to be assaulted in my seat by a violent gang of non-customers.

I was interfered with, trust-tested and surveilled upon at work (a KPMG Inc. contract involving the RCMP), had to resign and was surveilled upon at home until driven to a psychotic break, then wrongfully convicted on a statement I never made using false witness statements and withheld evidence.

download the Disclosure video and trial transcripts as PDF [MediaFire 1.37MB]

Below are the CBC's raw CCTV security video files synchronized with my unedited audio recording. This psychotic break was triggered by the RCMP/CSIS no-touch torture campaign. No death threats were made per Canada's criminal code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46) 264.1(1)(a). Toronto Police Services, the Crown and their witnesses not only made a mockery of the Canadian criminal court system, but put me through years of shame and ruin.

As of October 15, 2015, Canada's no-touch torture campaign affected:

— September 18, 2015 Landlord and Tenant Board hearing;
— August 19, 2015 Landlord and Tenant Board ruling;
— theft charges against William Skinner, and accessory and criminal conspiracy charges;
— Toronto Police records corrections, August 18, 2015;
— Ontario Ombudsman investigation into LTB hearing delays, September 18, 2015;
— Health Canada refund from interference and overcharging at my Pharmacist;
— contact from my criminal lawyer, David B Cousins

I am not a radical, terrorist and I have never been a violent person.  I am an honest, law-abiding citizen.  I am not a drug dealer or user, hate-monger or closet fascist, white supremacist or neo-NAZI.  I have not joined any political or supremacist group or web site.  I have never issued a manifesto or a pamphlet.  I am not suicidal. I do not have a criminal record. I am not a pedophile or predator, harasser or stalker, despite the whisper campaign's best efforts to turn my community against me. I am not an anarchist or communist, nor do I subscribe to any political or religious 'ism'.

These insinuations required no evidence and, if there was any evidence, it would have presented itself after a perverse 20 years of intense scrutiny. My being taken down by a government must have involved hundreds of people and cost millions of dollars. The intent was to have me socially isolated, primed for criminal entrapment using any method which no one else would believe. After 20 years, it's hatred, envy and spite at my being an honest person, while the criminal entrapment campaign itself attempts to cover up its years of premeditated wrongdoings, defamation, lies, smears and rumours.

I have had no choice but to publish to the Internet due to relentless interference with my ability to seek legal protection from taxpayer-funded, government-salaried employees and their informant networks. Thus, I require legal protection from employees of the government of Canada, and the organized religion for which they serve in great interest to defame me.

While investigating the RCMP's interference in four Toronto Police Services calls (regarding major crime, informants and harassers in and around my rental property) with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, the mediator I was working with, Leslie McIntyre, was cut off and changed to Soo Kim. The chance of the RCMP corrupting that ongoing privacy investigation is high.

CSIS/RCMP and Toronto police also cut-off my communications to criminal lawyer David B. Cousins, as I was in the process of having my wrongful conviction from 2009 overturned. This was intended to to teach me that going to a lawyer to protect myself from CSIS/RCMP victimization is futile, while draining me of legal fees, which ultimately go nowhere. Listen to David B. Cousins agree that I was being followed by the CSIS stalker nondescript man, that I had not uttered any death threats to anyone at the CBC and that he could overturn my wrongful conviction for $7,500-$12,000 CAD [MediaFire MP3].

If you could represent me legally without informing to law enforcement or those purporting organized religion, e-mail:

Whether through plain clothed police or drug addict informants, legislators, lawyers or politicians, cocaine runs the city streets and offices of power and politics throughout Canada.

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