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Stephen O'Keefe (July 05, 2018)
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RCMP/CSIS are planning a terror event for me

This is based on four terror/crisis events being staged around me by RCMP, CSIS and Toronto police employees: (1) a death threat hoax at the CBC building on March 12, 2008; (2) a shooter hoax at TTC Sheppard Yonge on November 27, 2017; (3) a bombing hoax at the Scarborough Town Centre on April 18, 2018, and (4) the Yonge/Empress terror van attack on April 23, 2018 (my tweet dated November 28, 2017 predicted not only its location, but a core police crisis actor, resulting in my abduction by police). On top of this, a 3DGPS-cued staged car wreck for which the Toronto Star invented a cover story of good Samaritans requiring identity protection. This website and its associated media channels will prove my claims beyond refute with abundant evidence.


What if government intelligence and secret police placed you under relentless surveillance to drive you insane with it, spreading rumours and lies about you to everyone you came in contact with, using an army of plain clothed and informants to sponge your life dry of all privacy, turning every aspect of your personal life against you? Fabricating cover stories to test surveillance technologies and methods in a criminal conspiracy so deliberately grotesque, no one would ever believe it to be true: a program which transforms isolated persons into domestic terrorists for the political capital required for unending undeclared International warfare.


downloads: Op Catalyst as PDF / tweets as ZIP / OneDrive / banners / postcard / digital certificate

This web site is intended to educate others in recognizing criminal law enforcement counterintelligence stalking, as a matter of public interest and responsible communication.

I have been subjected to intense surveillance by law enforcement intelligence for twenty years due to my general pursuits of transparency in government, policing and organized religion.

In the 1990s, I was informed by a Toronto Police Services constable (#1022) that I had been turned over to special investigations. I didn't think much of it at the time, as I had done nothing illegal.

As it turned out, the objectives of these investigations are to discredit, criminalize and destroy the personal life of a person (target) using illegal and covert entrapment methods. Once you have been selected for one intelligence watch list, you are eventually placed on others.

This has involved placing my apartment under surveillance, as well as my phone, mail, e-mail and Internet activity. My relatives, friends and persons at businesses I frequented were asked to inform on me. Informants are asked to participate in an ongoing investigation. 'Diffuse and disrupt' surveillance methods yield personality and behavioural changes in an unending and unrepentant privacy invasion.

I lost my business and career, went bankrupt, and then lost all my relatives and friends with every attempt at a social outlet being turned into an informant network. My attempts at unbiased legal remedy have been continuously subverted.

After cutting off my interactions with friends and relatives made into informants, the entrapment scheme shifted to the most desperate of campaigns: criminally stalking me until I required a camera and portable audio recorder to document it. The intent was to fabricate a law enforcement case file that I was a privacy invader, stalker, harasser or voyeur for taking photos of their plain clothed and informants in public spaces.

Plain clothed provocation and harassment skits followed me to my regular public destinations to agitate me into a blacklisted pariah. Informants at businesses I frequented were also instructed to state personal or business details aloud in the hopes that I would record the skits electronically and back it up to (surveilled) cloud storage, fabricating bogus claims of identity theft.

To further bait photography, undercover or informant street theatre deliberately obstruct and harass you while posing as homeless, panhandlers, drug traffickers or the insane. These roles inhibit questioning as to the real intent, require little acting ability and can be turned on or off in plain clothes as needed.

Once targeted by them city-wide, you quickly learn that most of the characters who are permitted to squat on and inhabit the downtown streets are indeed plain-clothed, informants or otherwise handled and directed by law enforcement.

Probably the most disturbing revelation was how law enforcement like the RCMP can stage controlled criminal activity around you using their informants, plain clothed and government employees. Likewise, the drug crews and their informants feed your identity and daily routines to a city-wide network of drug dealers, to create associations which never previously existed. I have no idea how many people have been falsely criminalized by such fabricated witness and video evidence, which would deceive the most discerning lawyers and judges.

The goal is to create a highly-finessed psychological profile of the entrapment target, turning the screws tighter and tighter until they become an isolated 'lone wolf' on the fringes of society. Then reactions are provoked through street theatre and covert surveillance skits which make the target appear paranoid and irrational to others. Participants lie if questioned, so that the target doubts their own sanity. The entrapment target is routinely provoked into making statements and accusations they will never have the insider access to prove to be true.

After reporting major crime activity in and around my rental property, plain clothed and informants were staged for interactions with me upon my building entrances and exits. To interact with them and/or video-document them would fabricate both CCTV surveillance video 'evidence' and self-incriminating evidence from the very major crime I had reported. The criminal conspiracy of law enforcement employees would then take credit for the crime I had uncovered, using its criminal-participants-made-informants to entrap and frame me [MediaFire MP3].

If one has been stalked and provoked for years, by literally hundreds of persons to provoke reactions, one has likely unearthed the deep criminal sickness of organized crime integration with government; the true nature of which must be silenced (per "the mafia does not exist").

Put simply, it is near-impossible to live in this nation as an honest man, as corruption, exploitation and criminality detests honest men. One is illegally placed under government surveillance to be deliberately ruined, discredited and driven mad with it. These campaigns have been known as 'sluggish schizophrenia' in Russia, Stasi informant campaigns in Germany, COINTELPRO in America and diffuse and disrupt ("D&D") in Canada.

These campaigns were and are used to discredit and eliminate truthful and intelligent critics of government, the military, law enforcement, organized religion, etc. They justify every preconception one could have about government, religious affiliation, racial identity or whatever targeting profile has been assigned to the campaign.

The hope is that the target will become discredited by psychiatry or incarcerated once telling others that they are being followed, patterned and mimicked, since psychiatry has no tools for surveillance. The criminal stalking campaign incorporates their target's private home surveillance into plain-clothed 'skits' in public, so that the target feels imprisoned and paranoid wherever they go. The police even inserted their informants in my small life drawing group [MediaFire 21.3MB].

A priority of these campaigns is the target committing suicide once isolated and discredited. Pressuring the organized stalking campaign target to explode into violence on a low level informant, or some random authority figure, is another goal.  Seemingly random incidents of domestic terrorism sustain the public's psychological need for government overreach via surveillance and human rights restrictions.

There is nothing legal about these campaigns. They are psychological warfare. State bullying 'on steroids'. These campaigns are deeply criminal and occult in nature, designed so that it appears to others that the target was the author of their own demise.

Then the real perpetrators walk free of their crimes.

Stephen O'Keefe

Gang-stalked by undercover law enforcement; while regular police refused my evidence of being stalked, harassed, stolen from and threatened with violence by their own protected informant network. As was revealed by an April 9, 2015 LTB hearing, the RCMP and building management have a hoax running at my property that I am an emotionally disturbed harasser with a camera (like the May 12, 2008 witness fabrications from the CBC building).

This involves property lookout William Skinner, who perjured himself with lies; most flagrantly that I had taken his photo almost 3,000 times before the hearing [MediaFire MP3]

Skinner's role was to follow me around the property until I took my camera out, then be mobile phone-directed into the lobby (under CCTV watch by the resident manager) to put on a show that he was being harassed for RCMP wire and CCTV video feed. The building security guards were instructed by the RCMP to say they have no idea who William Skinner is, even if suspicions of cocaine dealing were raised.

All the RCMP needs is a tiny CCTV clip out of context to fabricate a harassment case to benefit their evidence-fabricating informants. Skinner continues to be placed in my path (with a random assortment of informant witnesses) upon my property arrivals and exits, fabricating witness evidence for security reports; my being under the RCMP's city-wide surveillance. It is difficult for me to enter or exit my rental property without a law-enforcement controlled drug deal being staged around me, in order to fabricate CCTV video evidence of my being falsely connected to major crime.

The Toronto Police Service not only deliberately entered a fabricated alias and mobile phone into my police records (to falsely implicate me as a drug dealer), but refused to correct my police records. Download an MP3 [MediaFire 8.7MB] and PDF transcript [MediaFire 576kb] of two Toronto police constables lying about the source and origin of the police-fabricated alias.

PDF of a 4/21/2007 drugs/toxicology report with 100% negative results. It was the result of the RCMP intercepting my 911 call (requesting I be taken to psychiatric emergency for evaluation), and the Toronto police sending me for drug tests, instead. [MediaFire 3.24MB].

Download an MP3 [MediaFire 2.95MB] and PDF [MediaFire 258kb] of protected RCMP informant William Skinner, on a police wire, criminally harassing me with the false alias in an desperate police attempt to make it stick.

Download an MP3 [MediaFire 1.12MB] of protected CSIS/TPS informant William Skinner's cousin criminally harassing me with the same false alias, while telling me he's seen me, "on the government system," installed in my rental property.

MP3 [MediaFire 7.5MB] and PDF [MediaFire 187kb] of my being stalked and threatened at my rental property on 2011/12/31 by a long-term, CSIS/Toronto police-protected fake panhandler/lookout and drug runner.

MP3 [MediaFire 8.4MB] from 2/15/2013 of criminal Toronto police & CSIS using Canada Post and drug informants to frame me as a drug dealer.

PDF of a 3/28/2016 FedEx package of GPS/biometric surveillance equipment delivered to my next door neighbour as "Jemtec Inc." from Corrections Canada [MediaFire 847kb] and a 4/7/2016 mailing [MediaFire 301kb] to the same address, operating as a U.S.-funded corporation, "IXL Limited Liability Company."

PDF of a forgery of Canadian government citizenship forms dropped at my apartment door on 6/8/2016 by the CSIS provocateur with access to unit 1115 of my rental property (a CSIS front) [MediaFire 1.68MB].

PDF of a 8/17/2016 letter to the Toronto Police Service re: the forgery, police wire fakery, assault and lies coming from units 1115 and 504 indicating much worse at play. [MediaFire 195kb].

PDF of a 2/24/2017 e-mail from the Canadian Security Intelligence Review Committee, where they shut down my claims of assault, forgery, stalking and mail tampering at the intake stage to protect their criminal spy from charges. [MediaFire 389kb].

MP3 of a 2/28/2017 visit to the Toronto Police Service 51 Division, where they reject my evidence of assault, forgery and mail tampering from their unit 1115 CSIS informant to protect him from criminal charges. [MediaFire 17.5MB].

7/11/2017 MP3 [MediaFire 31.3MB] and PDF [MediaFire 1.05MB] of my visit to the courts of Toronto's Old City Hall, where they reject my evidence of assault in criminal conspiracy to protect Scott Parsons from legal proceedings, and a PDF [MediaFire 926kb] of my 2017/07/12 letter reporting those events to the The Justices of the Peace Review Council.

PDF of a 4/13/2017 e-mail from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, who cites CSIS bank PPU 045 to protect his government's spy from being identified and facing my criminal charges. [MediaFire 137kb].

7/12/2017 MP3 [MediaFire 5.57MB] and PDF [MediaFire 915kb] of what a standard public disruption skit by state C.I. stalkers is like.

6/17/2013 MP3 [MediaFire 27.6MB] and PDF [MediaFire 2.71MB] of my being falsely diagnosed by the CAMH as a paranoid schizophrenic, delusional and schizoaffective for one symptom: being, "monitored and followed".

Download a 2018/04/25 PDF [MediaFire 881kb] of my live blog from the CAMH after being kidnapped by the Toronto police via fake terror and death threats concocted from the poisonous mind of CSIS spy "Scott Parsons" (so that I did not interfere with Canada's largest black operation terror which followed days later).

Download a 2018/08/23 PDF [MediaFire 1.35MB] of my attempt to remove the CSIS/RCMP/TPS "Scott Parsons" terror/death threat hoaxes of 2018/04/18 from my CAMH medical records. Download a 2018/08/28 PDF [MediaFire 321kb] of my Statement of Disagreement after the CAMH refused to remove that knowingly false information from my medical records to please the Toronto Police Service. The CAMH records staff confirmed police and spies can intercept these requests with court orders (i.e. faked via the lies and legal fictions of police and spies).

Download a 2018/10/21 MP3 [MediaFire 2.9MB] of a CSIS/RCMP drug-running spy occupant of unit 501 of 105 Isabella Street waiting on the fifth floor of 105 Isabella for my surveilled return to lie about me threatening the RCMP when I was under an EEG attack in April 2018. Pushing a target into a suggestive state through remote EEG attacks, and then feeding them brief, threatening statements which they cannot recall, is one way the RCMP and CSIS fake death threats and terror hoaxes in my multi-million-dollar campaign.

one nattion under blow

RCMP informant bin diver placed in 105 Isabella garbage bins for my apartment exit on March 8, 2015 at 2:47pm EDT

When one reports major crime drug activity in Canada, the regular police gather all the information they can about you. Police drug crews do not show at your door, since they are recruited current and ex-drug addicts, who live a life of deceit, lies and drug abuse. Their job is to control drug flow (e.g. kilograms of cocaine per day to feed Yonge Street), which demands spreading your personal information to government/police-protected drug runners to keep you silent. If their false witness discrediting does not bring you down, your personal information is spread further to tens of thousands of low level drug dealers and buyers via mobile devices, who will pulverize you with relentless stalking for payment in cocaine, heroin, crack cocaine or crystal meth until you are driven to ruin, insanity or suicide.

Anyone who detects how the Canadian government and its federal and local police distributes drugs will be targeted, as will those who detect how drugs cross American/Mexican borders with spies and plain clothed police acting as tourists. It is done rather simply with a police-linked network of swappable mobile phones (swapping photos of anonymous faces for one-time secure contact), earbuds for discrete directions and backpacks/luggage in a pea and shell game. Anyone who detects this scheme will be pulverized with counterintelligence stalkers who, for the most part, are 'day players' doing a stalking skit for one-time payment in drugs, leaving no paper trail. Whomever you may come in contact with for assistance may be directed to you by the federal police to ensure the vast drug running scheme is neither exposed nor compromised.

The RCMP, their industry of lies and make-believe surveillance deceptions infiltrated my rental property at 105 Isabella Street in 2006 by briefly setting-up a tenants' association. The few meetings profiled upstanding tenants not in on the local drug racket, slowly purged them and set-up a network of government-approved drug runners and informants to move the daily kilograms of cocaine supply demanded by nearby Yonge Street.

Having failed to run me out the property using mob stalking and counterintelligence, the 11th floor RCMP HQ at 105 Isabella used redundant biometric tracking in backpacks, mobile phones, police wires, button cams and Toronto police CCTV to stage drug deals around me non-stop and wherever I went for a daily walk. The police and their loyal army of drug dealers and addicts lied that I was in on the scheme and that I was a drug addict myself.

The Canadian, American and Mexican governments have hundreds of thousands of drug users, addicts and dealers to stalk an honest person to institutionalization, suicide or a 'brought it upon yourself' targeted killing. The decade-plus-and-running law enforcement-protected drug manufacture/distribution scheme is a fairly straightforward Hispanic cartel structure, using a 'nothing but garbage and poor people to see here' psychology to hide it in plain sight:

— constantly rotating refuse removal transports the manufacture and bulk supply as 'pea under a shell' through many generic, unmarked vehicles and garbage containers;

— police informant property lookouts 'having a smoke, tying their shoes or having a chat' stand sentinel for hours in CCTV-blind stairwell, hallway and doorway positions;

— all linked by mobile phone to well-paid police informant 'panhandler' lookouts and mules, who make drops and pickups through garbage and refuse, while storing and moving drugs and payments through the city streets using everything from their 'home on their back' knapsacks to plain plastic bags to empty coffee cups;

— all protected by law enforcement, who rigorously protect their tipsters, while smearing persons (like myself) who detect and report the scheme as as mentally unstable EDPs, privacy invaders, harassers of the homeless and a public nuisance (code for interfering with government/police cocaine distribution).

gang stalking is human experimentation

The truth becomes self-evident with evidence, not public opinion as fact nor opinions as evidence.

The 'you need medication' provocation script was spread throughout informants and plain clothed in downtown Toronto [MediaFire MP3].

PDF with audio of my October 30, 2015 letter to Rexall pharmacy, evidencing gross over-billing and surveillance skits, where pharmacists state incorrect medication details to be overheard by plain-clothed or informants [MediaFire 2.41mb].

PDF of my letters to Ontario Trillium Drug Benefit Program, detailing how Rexall would neither explain by phone or letter why they over-billed me, and that my informant doctor's office pretended to not even know what my prescription was (to protect the informant pharmacists) [MediaFire 510kb].

PDF of my letter of reply to the Trillium Drug Program's director, after he falsely suggests that I never had a 'no sub' prescription, nor ADR forms to cover it [MediaFire 1.2MB].

Ontario College of Pharmacists decisions on Rexall pharmacy's Anisa Shivji and Joshua Lieblein, supporting my formal complaints [MediaFire 164kb].

PDF [MediaFire 2.85MB] and MP3 [MediaFire 2.21MB documenting how police surveillance skits are timed to the target's need for medical forms from informant doctors, how the RCMP intercept and forge their target's medical forms, re-establishing fake terror watch list Orders which stipulate the target be unaware of the police investigation.

PDF of my e-mails to the Toronto Star's Wendy Gillis and Marco Chown Oved, detailing a network of fake panhandlers moving a police-protected drug supply, for which i received no reply after two years [MediaFire 521kb PDF].

PDF of court submissions on the RCMP's Canada day terror plot, which they manufactured themselves, with the RCMP/CSIS acquiring information on their victim targets at pharmacies [MediaFire 3.39MB PDF].

PDF [MediaFire 1.27MB] of my being hired by RCMP informants at Toronto's NOW Magazine under the pretext of a freelance project that I could complete within six months, but which I had to resign from when the informants would not accept my advice that it was a project for a full-time employee or firm (it ultimately took 15 months for six full-time database developers to complete).

PDF [MediaFire 2.27MB] of the RCMP/CSIS/TPS informant CAMH mental hospital faking medical records that I wanted to blow-up buildings ***and*** that I would be mentally ill for believing I was also under RCMP/CSIS watch. Dr. Laura Kennedy and Dr. Leonard Ginsberg running U.S./Canadian spy cover operations through 250 College Street and unit 2, 4th floor, 1001 Queen Street West.

MP3 [MediaFire 3.21MB] of my 2018/08/18 audio evidence of a RCMP male fake panhandler staged for my BMV exit at 471 Bloor West blessing TPS 52 Division and repeatedly warning me that my police threats and kidnapping are, "not a joke."

MP3 [MediaFire 6.56MB] of my 2018/11/17 audio annotation after exiting BMV 471 Bloor West, where I describe how these RCMP informant businesses train staff to profile customers based on their purchases in a never-ending cycle of Canada's secret police and spies requiring career-spanning case files.

The multitude of provocateurs follow you to known regular destinations, invade your personal space or move your property around to provoke reactions, then complain to staff or management — lying that your (over)reaction is a result of insanity. The organized lying campaign discredits the target wherever they go, using nothing more than direction by mobile phone from law enforcement intelligence. Any call to the police for help is intercepted, instructing them to do nothing but victim-blame you before arriving to the scene.

Law enforcement have likewise *rustled the hair and patted the backs* of staff at the Starbucks locations I frequent, having them write names and phrases on my drink cups tailored to my surveillance profiling. This, even when I requested the staff not write out my name at all (due to my being gang stalked across the city).

Once you have been made a targeted individual by the RCMP and CSIS, with their plain clothed and informant provocateurs stalking you by lead, tail and around your daily destinations for years, with the ability to fabricate any crime scene around you, while calling you faggot, queer, homo, fruit, retard and telling to go home and jerk off, it becomes clear that they are a taxpayer-funded, government-salaried fusion of hate group and domestic terrorist. Beyond that, even by its own internal reviews, the RCMP is linked to organized crime. Thus the absolute need for police costumes during its public appearances.

Latin female drug accomplice and Toronto police drug crew at 728 and 730 Yonge Street, 2013

PDF [MediaFire 4.68MB] of the RCMP/CSIS/TPS-protected drug-runner alias "Keith", who uses bottle collecting to move public-sector drug supply, police informing to cover his access to multiple apartments at 105 Isabella Street; all supporting a lifestyle of public-sector drug scheme luxury.

This fake panhandler TPS drug crew, aka "Latin female drug accomplice," (above left) has been in a homeless crisis for over twelve years in the same drug informant territory. Once scheme with the above Toronto police-protected, police-wired drug-running entrapment bait is that she is directed by wireless surveillance to *magically appear* at entrances and exits to buildings you frequent (as police illegally follow your daily routines). Since 2005, she's been a lookout, informant, stalker and entrapment at 20 Bloor Street East, 37 Charles Street West and 728 Yonge Street, where police-protected drug running was a daily event. She was frequently in 105 Isabella's *drug delivery* garbage bins and parking lot with RCMP-protected William Skinner. The TPS, CSIS and RCMP will do anything for reactions they can amass on their wires, while bombarding you with surveillance stalkers who appear on visual evidence as "helpless" panhandlers.

I am not a radical, terrorist and I have never been a violent person.  I am an honest, law-abiding citizen.  I am not a drug dealer or user, hate-monger or closet fascist, white supremacist or neo-NAZI.  I have not joined any political or supremacist group or web site.  I have never issued a manifesto or a pamphlet.  I am not suicidal. I do not have a criminal record. I am not a pedophile or predator, harasser or stalker, despite the whisper campaign's best efforts to turn my community against me. I am not an anarchist or communist, nor do I subscribe to any political or religious 'ism'.

These insinuations required no evidence and, if there was any evidence, it would have presented itself after a perverse 20 years of intense scrutiny. My being taken down by a government must have involved hundreds of people and cost millions of dollars. The intent was to have me socially isolated, primed for criminal entrapment using any method which no one else would believe. After 20 years, it's hatred, envy and spite at my being an honest person, while the criminal entrapment campaign itself attempts to cover up its years of premeditated wrongdoings, defamation, lies, smears and rumours.

I have had no choice but to publish to the Internet due to relentless interference with my ability to seek legal protection from taxpayer-funded, government-salaried employees and their informant networks. Thus, I require legal protection from employees of the government of Canada, and the organized religion for which they serve in great interest to defame me.

If you have been coerced to inform on me, or heard rumours about me, and wish to anonymously blow the whistle, message rumours@opcatalyst.net via GuerrillaMail or YOPmail. Name the names of your sources.

Below are a list of local stores, properties or services that I visit or do business with. If you have been asked to inform on me, participate in surveillance skits, report my spending habits or stock/plant items profiled to my campaign, please halt.

401 Games (518 Yonge Street)   Sonic Boom Records (215 Spadina)
Anime Xtreme (315 Spadina Avenue)   Starbucks (downtown Toronto locations)
Bay Street Video (1170 Bay Street)   Suspect Video (605 Markham Street)
BMV (471 Bloor West, 10 Edward St & 2289 Yonge St.)   The Beguiling (319 College Street)
Dr. Daniel Buim (175 Bloor Street East)   The Hairy Tarantula (354 Yonge Street)
Dr. Paul Hasson (899 Bay Street)   Thunderstruck Books (386 Bloor Street West)
Gateway Property Management Corporation (105 Isabella)   The Silver Snail (329 Yonge Street)
RAAMCO Properties International Cdn Ltd. (105 Isabella)   John's Hobbies (2188 Danforth Avenue)
Franco & Jimmy Hairstyling (525 Parliament Street)   Wheels and Wings Hobbies (1880 Danforth Ave.)
Greenwin Smoke & Gift Canada Post (345 Bloor East)   HMV (333 Yonge Street & 220 Yonge Street)

Operation Catalyst web domains and server are prepaid to the 2020s. If this site or my YouTube/Twitter/MediaFire accounts vanish, it is a government cover-up scrub, not me. With the levels of CSIS/RCMP forgery and illegal apartment access I have experienced, my government's trained killers, perps and sadists can hijack and mimic my online identity in a flash. CSIS/RCMP stealing all my passwords and web site assets is essential to what they would or will post after staging a terror event around me, per the FBI's terror patsy playbook.

Keep visiting this site for updates as I attempt to get two decades of my life back
from the jackals who pretend to be knights.

(last updated: March 2, 2019)