Symantec 1988 new product line presentation
Above are three images from a presentation I designed for Symantec Canada in 1998 (PDF). For this particular job, I was provided six product box shots, the Symantec logo and four days to complete the 15-screen show. The deadline was complicated further by certain screens requiriing 3D and 2D animation, which I needed to create from scratch. The presentation was oriented towards software product resellers - informing them of the sales potential of Symantec's new suite of PC products. I created the animation in Strata Studio and Adobe After Effects. Backgrounds were rendered in Adobe Photoshop. The final presentation was delivered in Microsoft PowerPoint.
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Below are samples of your basic Corporate presentation, completed entirely in Microsoft PowerPoint (note: some text elements have been deleted or blurred for confidentiality). On the left are some screens from a presentation I designed for KPMG Inc., describing their corporate recovery duties. My contract work also included designing printed bidding packages, WordBasic coding of Microsoft Word templates, database user interface design and and internal graphic design. On the right are images from a variety of presentations I designed for Manulife Financial. Manulife contracted me mainly for PowerPoint presentations, but also to create Microsoft Word templates for their financial statements and annual report.
KPMG corporate presentation
Manulife corporate presentation
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  © Copyright 1996-1998 Manulife

3D CGI book cover by Stephen O'Keefe

Above is a book cover I created in 3D CGI when it was at the manuscript phase in 2005 for a New York publisher. I have no idea what the final title of the book ended up being or if it was even published.