NS Church
This is an oil on canvas board painted on commission in 1983. This was painted from a photo of a church on Cape Breton Island. Which particular church this is...well it's still a guess for me as there are many similar looking churches on the island. I saw the painting and its owner again in Cape Breton in 2000 and took a new picture. (see reason why, below)
water wheel

Another oil on canvas board which was painted on commission in 1984. If I remember correctly, this was painted from an image in a calendar. The reproduction here looks a bit fuzzy as it was captured from a videotape portfolio from 1986. I did not take slides of my paintings back then but captured them onto 3/4" U-Matic videotape. This was a good choice at the time as 3/4" was still a broadcast television standard. I'm still trying to locate this and other paintings to get high quality transparencies.